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Hello friends and families, it is with sadness that we closed for good on February 20, 2023. Unfortunately, the losses from COVID were just too much to overcome. We have seen many of your kids grow from babies to bouncing teens and loved watching them bounce, play and celebrate their birthdays at our facility. We thank you for your patronage these past 10 years and wish you well.

Walk-in Play

The Outback (our giant inflatable play area) is always open for a walk-about, anytime - rain or shine - no appointments needed! Pay once and play all day, there’s no time limit on your child’s fun here at Bounce Down Under. You may leave and return on the same day for a half price re-entry fee.
Please see Walk-ins page for pricing 


Take the “STRESS” out of planning, organizing and hosting your loved ones special day. Let one of our Outback Party Guides take care of the set-up, clean-up and everything in between, while you sit back, relax and enjoy the party. Please visit our Party page for more details on our party packages.

Please see Parties Page for pricing

Parents Night Out - Special


$24.00 per child

$24.00 for siblings


Parents should call to reserve a space but walk-ins may be available if we have space. We will have space for up to 30 children age 5 to 13 with 3 members of staff dedicated to supervising and interacting with your children while they are in our care. We will have rooms set aside for their use with age appropriate games and a movie playing, as well as pitchers of ice water for when they get thirsty. 

Included in the price is one slice of pizza or 4 chicken nuggets, chips and a drink. 


Parents will be required to fill out and sign a waiver form, emergency contact information sheet and sign in sheet. Children will wear a bright colored wristband with their last name written on it for identification and parents will be required to show identification at drop off and pick up. 

We Also Offer

Adult seating, Free Wi-Fi, T.V.s, Food, Refreshments and Amusements

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your child is a primary concern at Bounce Down Under. As a result we adhere to the following guidelines so your child can bounce with no worries:

Clean and well-lit play areas supervised by our trained staff.

Sanitized inflatable surfaces eliminating up to 99.9 percent of most common germs.

Certified inflatables with safety mats at all jump entrances and exits.

Lead free equipment. Recent studies show that inflatable units from rental facilities have a large amount of lead. Our units are Certified Lead Free, so there’s no worries!

Video monitoring and ID bracelets that tell us who has gone walk-about in the Outback (described below).

Designated play areas for kids 2-13 years-old, featuring jumps, slides and obstacle courses.

Designated area for infant-4 years featuring soft landing areas and visible sight lines to supervise the little ones.

Upon entry to the Outback, each child and parent/supervising adult receives matching ID wrist bracelets to ensure children cannot leave without their parent/supervising adult. An Outback Ranger (staff member) will inspect the exiting customer’s ID bracelets on departure to prevent any unauthorized exiting of children from the facility.



While we like you to relax, watch TV or connect to our free Wi-Fi we really encourage you to take an active role supervising your children during play and spend quality time with your kids. Our trained staff will keep a lookout and ask children to follow the rules of the Outback but it is the parent or supervising adult who is responsible for their behavior.


And please don’t forget to bring socks for your kids. We require socks to be worn in the Outback at all times – But if you forget – “No worries mate” – We have socks available!

​Kids MUST wear socks!

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