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The weather is always just right at

There’s always plenty of room in the Outback (our giant inflatable play area) for Walk-In guests any time we’re open. We have huge obstacle courses, giants slides and mega bouncers (Skippy’s favorite) and much, much more to ensure your children stay happy, healthy and active.

Pay once and play all day, there’s no time limit on your child’s fun here at Bounce Down Under!


We also offer snacks, pizza and refreshments so you can take a break, recharge and get back to jumping and bouncing.
You may leave and return on the same day for a half price re-entry fee.


Kids MUST wear socks!

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CLOSED ON 2/20/23


Children Aged 2-4 / 5-13

Monday - Friday        $12 / $14

Sat/Sun/Holidays     $14 / $16

Bouncing Children 1 and Under  $9

Children not bouncing   FREE

Adults are ALWAYS FREE

Parents Night Out

Every Saturday from 6 - 10pm 

Per Child          $24.00

For Siblings     $24.00


Multiple Entry Passes & Gift Cards

Single Entry Gift Card     $14 Each

10 Entry Family Pass        $110 Each


Passes and Membership

30 Day Pass         $55 Per Child

3 Month Pass      $120 Per Child

Annual Pass        $250 Per Child

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Walk-In Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can we walk in and play at any time?
Yes, we are open for walk-in fun during normal operating hours 7 days a week. If it's too hot, cold or raining and the kids are bouncing off the walls at home, why not let them release all that pent up energy in the Outback - our safe, clean and fun inflatable environment. Bring them to our indoor air conditioned facility here at Bounce Down Under where the weather is always just right.

2. How long can children play at Bounce Down Under?

Your child can play as long as you want. Pay once and play all day, there’s no time limit on your child’s fun here at Bounce Down Under.

You may leave and return on the same day for a half price re-entry fee.


3. Can we leave & return later?
We charge 1/2 price re-entry fee if you wish to leave and return later on the same day.


4. What is the age limit for children to play at Bounce Down Under?
Only kids 13 years-old and younger may play on the inflatables in the Outback. We have our Jumpin Joey’s area set aside for toddlers 4 years-old and younger. Grown-ups are not permitted to play on our inflatables but may assist kids 4 and younger on the giant slide and in the toddler area, but you may not bounce or play on any other units.


5. Can I drop my child off at Bounce Down Under?
We will offer special dates in the near future for “Drop and Shop” or “Parents Night Out” but Bounce Down Under is not a drop off facility.

Adult supervision is required at all times.


6. How do you ensure cleanliness at Bounce Down Under?
At a minimum, our equipment is cleaned twice weekly and on an as-needed basis. No food or drink is allowed on the activities. Bounce Down Under will sanitize all inflatable surfaces. This is intended to reduce exposure to germs and cross-contamination for all who visit and play at the Outback, making it a much cleaner environment than rented inflatables, school/public playgrounds or daycare centers. We use disinfectant that is completely safe for human contact but that kills more than 99.9 percent of commonly encountered germs. It has been engineered to deliver residual germ killing power for a minimum of seven days, ensuring that Bounce Down Under’s inflatables are effectively covered from one weekly service to the next.


7. How do you provide a safe environment for my child?
Safety is a top priority. Safety measures include: a clean well- lit play area, single entry and exit, video monitoring, identification bracelets, well-trained staff, sanitized equipment and a designated age-appropriate play area.


8. Can I bring outside food into Bounce Down Under?
We do not allow outside food or drinks at Bounce Down Under (except for dietary reasons). We do have a concession area with a variety of refreshments for you and your kids.


9. Do you offer group discount rates at Bounce Down Under?
We will accommodate group rates for schools, camps, daycare centers, sports teams, civic and religious organizations, home schools, mom’s playgroups or any group larger than 10. Please contact us in advance.


10. Do you have any promotions at Bounce Down Under?
Yes, we offer a Frequent User program that reduces the price of regular admission up to 40 percent. Please contact us for more information.


11. Can I order food in advance for our kids or groups at Bounce Down Under?
Yes, call Bounce Down Under in advance for pizza and other concession items to be ready when you arrive or when you want to have lunch.


12. Does my child need socks to play at Bounce Down Under?
Yes we require socks to be worn in the Outback at all times – But if you forget – “No worries mate” We have socks available for purchase at the front counter.


13. Can we book a Birthday Party at Bounce Down Under?
Yes, our Outback party specialist will be happy to take your call and provide you with the party package that best fits your needs. We have 3 Birthday Party Packages based on the number of kids and our Outback party hosts will coordinate with you to tailor the party just the way you want it.

We also have a selection of option extras we can provide to ensure your loved one enjoys their special day here at

Bounce Down Under.  Click Here for Birthday Party Information.

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